Chef’s Talk Bangkok

Top Chefs Talk to TOP25 Restaurants

Chef Vincent Thierry
Head Chef at Chef’s Table, lebua

Two-Michelin Star Chef Vincent Thierry Talks to TOP25 Restaurants Bangkok
Chef Vincent Thierry is a skilled and experienced chef originally from the picturesque and lush Loire Valley in France. He is known for his ability to blend traditional French cooking techniques with the bold flavors of Southeast Asia, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
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Chef Ryuki Kawasaki
Chef de Cuisine at Mezzaluna, lebua

Chef Ryuki Kawasaki is a Japanese-born chef who is known for his innovative French dishes with a blend of traditional Japanese flavors. He is committed to using the freshest and highest quality ingredients and sources locally for ingredients for his dishes as required.
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Chef Gerard Villaret Horcajo
Chef de Cuisine at Elements

Chef Gerard Villaret Horcajo joined Elements, inspired by Ciel Bleu from Ciel Bleu, the Michelin two-star restaurant at Hotel Okura Amsterdam. At Elements Chef Gerard’s dishes reveal his extensive gastronomic experience, focusing on seasonal specialties with a ‘from nose to tail’ philosophy, resulting in sophisticated French cuisine laced with Japanese touches. Read the full interview of Chef Gerard Villaret here…

Chef Henk Savelberg
Chef-Owner at Savelberg Restaurant Bangkok

Henk Savelberg is a Dutch chef, owner of the renowned restaurant Savelberg in Bangkok (Thailand). He is the only chef from the Netherlands awarded a Michelin star in five different restaurants. Henk Savelberg is one of the founders of Les Patrons Cuisiniers, enhancing the culinary levels. Henk Savelberg was knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands with the Order of Orange-Nassau. Read the full interview of Chef Henk Savelberg here…

Chef Anthony Burd
Chef-Owner at Tony’s Restaurant

From Italian grandparents, Anthony Burd was born and raised in New Jersey. He discovered his passion for food while working at Villa Pignano in Volterra, Tuscany in Italy. Villa Pignano’s organic farm grew 70% of their own food, to be used solely for the restaurant. In 2021 Chef Anthony opened his own restaurant, Tony’s in the heart of Bangkok. Tony’s serves modern American-Italian Cuisine. Read the full interview of Chef Anthony Burd here…

Chef Pam
Chef-Owner at POTONG Restaurant

Thai by birth, multiracial Thai-Chinese-Australian chef Pam (Pichaya Utharntharm) was brought up in Bangkok. Pam started her culinary career when she moved to the United States and spent years of training at three Michelin stars restaurant, Jean-Georges. Chef Pam became the first youngest chef to be awarded as the winner of the “Asia Youth Hope Cooking” contest by Les Disciples d’Escoffier. Read the full interview of Chef Pam here…

Chef Eugenio Cannoni
Chef at La Scala – The Sukhothai Hotel

Italian Chef Eugenio Cannoni at La Scala Bangkok - TOP25 Restaurants
Chef Eugenio Cannoni was born in the heart of Monferrato from the northern Italian region of Piedmont. His personal Cooking Philosophy is to leave the products and raw materials as intact as possible, treating them with the most innovative techniques available, maintaining traditional taste revisited with a contemporary perspective. Read the full interview of Italian Chef Eugenio Cannoni here…

Chef Nooror Somany Steppe
Founding Partner & Director at Blue Elephant

Master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe at Bangkok Best Restaurants Blue Elephant Top 25 Restaurants
Master Chef Nooror has established a name not only for her original and historical knowledge of Thai cuisine, but also for her ready-mixed recipes of Thai sauces and curry pastes and powders. Her culinary skills also extend to Indian and French cuisine, and this is frequently reflected in some of her innovative dishes and presentation. Read the full interview of Master Chef Nooror Somany Steppe here…

Amerigo Sesti
Chef de Cuisine at J’aime by Jean-Michel Lorain

Italian native Chef Amerigo Sesti has worked in a number of Michelin-starred establishments throughout Europe in his quest for achieving culinary excellence. Before relocating to Thailand he honed his skills to a fine degree at Jean-Michel Lorain’s Côte Saint Jacques, itself the holder of Michelin stars, under the tutelage of Jean-Michel himself. Read the full interview of Chef Amerigo Sesti here…

Andrea Buson
Chef de Cuisine at Biscotti

Venetian native Andrea Buson has a wealth of experience and brings new flavors from the north of Italy. Chef Andrea mastered modern Italian cuisine at the prestigious IPSSAR Pietro d’Abano in Padova and spend several years perfecting his craft, first in Italy, Spain, the Middle East before moving to Asia and Thailand. Read the full interview of Chef Andrea Buson here…

Francesco Lenzi
Chef at Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen

At Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen, Executive Chef Francesco Lenzi brings region specific Tuscan cuisine to Bangkok. He is focusing on the sourcing of ingredients and the use of traditional techniques; Francesco is importing directly from the Lenzi family farm in Italy.
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Olivier Limousin
Executive Chef at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

When Joël Robuchon asked Olivier Limousin to open his first restaurant in Bangkok he had already opened L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in London where he gained two Michelin stars. Having worked for Joël Robuchon for over 10 years, Olivier readily accepted the challenge to move to the Thai capital. Read the full interview of Chef Olivier Limousin here…

Henk Savelberg
Chef at Savelberg Bangkok

After closing his one-Michelin-star restaurant at The Hague, Holland’s seat of government, Dutch chef Henk Savelberg has moved his eponymous brand to Bangkok. Each of Savelberg’s last four restaurant ventures was awarded a Michelin star but now, he says, all his efforts are on Bangkok. See the video interview of Chef Henk Savelberg here…