Wang Hinghoi Thai Dining in Bangkok with firefly show, Bangkok Best Restaurants for Fine Dining
Chef: Nick Nutthapol Pavapaiboon
Cuisine: Modern Thai
Opening Hours: Daily from 6pm - 11pm
Seating: 30
Telephone : +66 919 796 226

At Wang Hinghoi or the Palace of Fireflies, Chef Nick serves a delicious, deconstructed Thai-inspired cuisine. The restaurant is tucked away on an old golf course in the Huai Khwang area of Bangkok and surprises guests with a one-of-a-kind dining experience; a light show of fireflies behind glass. Wang HingHoi will bring you closer to the light by exhibiting fireflies.

Welcomed by a long walkway pathed by two gigantic walls made from multiple layers of earth from various regions of Thailand, diners are invited to enter a forest environment away from the noise of the city. The most exciting area is the firefly room, or Hinghoi area, where guests can comfortably enjoy a view of more than 300 live fireflies beautifully lit behind the glass in pitch-black darkness.

Entering the restaurant is like stepping into a set of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A wood-flanked walkway opens into a dining room made to look like a nest, an effect accentuated by the use of raw wood as decoration. The enchanted-forest deception extends across senses: diffusers create the aroma of soil after rain and the background of instrumental music is meant to evoke the four elements. Windows look out into two semi-enclosed rooms with ecosystems controlled to allow the hundreds of contained fireflies to thrive. 9pm is the best time to catch the natural light show.

Tom Yum Goong and Fallen Angel (Lod Chong with Coconut Milk)

Chef Nick calls his cuisine “deconstructed Thai-inspired Cuisine”. Every single dish has its own story and characteristics, for example the Wang Hinghoi’s rendition of the world famous Thai traditional soup, Tom Yum Goong, consists of 24 hours-simmered Tiger Prawn Tom Yum with Cherry Tomato and Coconut Milk Foam finish. Another favorite is the Delight in Fallen Angel’s, a remarkable fusion of Pandan Rice Pudding, Melon Mousse, and Fresh Milk Dome with Almond Tuile and Coconut Saffron Sauce. If you prefer a fish from Nakhon Si Thammarat go for the Pla Sam Rood, a red snapper with asparagus, riceberry and a sweet and spicy sauce. A perfect sweet ending is the Ka-Nom Piak Poon, charcoal, coconut milk, berries and white chocolate.

Menu at THB 2,980++, Cocktail pairing THB 550++

Attentive and impeccably trained staff are on hand to ensure guests are looked after at all times.

Wang Hinghoi is a unique fine dining venue filled with real fireflies that in itself is worth-visiting, in addition, Chef Nick serves his deconstructed Thai-inspired dishes full of taste, creativity and engaging multiple senses. Wang Hinghoi is another experience that makes Bangkok a favorite gastronomy destination.

149 Rimtangrodfai-sai Paet-Riu Road
Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang
Bangkok 10310, Thailand

Contact for reservations:
Phone: +66 919 796 226
Web: Wang Hinghoi Palace of Fireflies